4 Ways to Get That Creativity Mojo Working For You

We all have a certain amount of mojo that we keep in reserve to work for us.  Sometimes we have to call upon our relationship mojo.  Sometimes we have to evoke our career mojo.  And, occasionally we have to summons our parking mojo.  But, if we are prudent, we reserve our mojo for when we need it most.

In my opinion, the most treasured mojo is the creativity mojo.  Think about how often you call upon your creativity mojo to kick in.  When you text, no matter who it is you are texting, you want to appear cool…savvy…in control.  Creativity mojo alert.  When you tweet, you have 140 characters to get your message across.  Don’t tell me you haven’t called upon your creativity mojo to get those words just right.  Or how about that very important email to a colleague?  Really?? You just “wing it”??  No, I don’t think so.  You know you call upon your creativity mojo to give you an inspirational boost.

So, let’s get serious here.

Your creativity plays such a major role in your business…in your branding…in your engagement.  How do you keep it fresh?  What if you experience a “creativity block”?  How do you resolve that?

Here are a few tips that work for me when seeking the creativity mojo OR when my creativity mojo comes calling when I am not ready.

1.) Walk away: Yes…you heard correctly.  Walk away.  If your creativity mojo isn’t behaving, then just get up and do something else.  Really!  This is a very effective means of jump starting your creativity mojo.  Go for a walk.  Work out.  Clean out your closet.   Call a friend.  Do anything that is completely different than the task at hand and let your creativity mojo take five.

2.) Record: For reasons that I can’t explain, my creativity seems to kick in when I am at inconvenient locations….apparently I am incredibly creative when I am  walking my dogs, showering or driving my car…go figure.  So, I have learned to use the valuable “record” feature on my smart phone to keep track of my brilliant ideas. Genius!

3.) Notes: I have been a note jotter for most of my life.  In this digital age, the greatest app gift ever has been Evernote!  As long as I am not walking my dogs, showering or driving, I can create a “note” on Evernote and categorize, email it, tag it or synch it.  I can even record a note to my Evernote app!  My creativity mojo is so much safer with notes and recordings.

4.) Headlines: And finally, I received one of the most useful creativity mojo tips ever from Mark Schaefer of {Grow} Marketing. Social Media. Humanity when discussing how to corral all of those great “sound bites” that we all get throughout the day that would make FABULOUS headlines or titles so that we don’t lose them.   In this post ,he responded to a comment I made…and I have heeded his advice ever since.  This is what Mark said:

“My technique is to capture all those headlines in WordPress each day.  Then when it is time to blog (and I do set aside time to blog each week) I have a set of ideas.  Keep those headlines.  They might strike you as blog-worthy a year from now!”


So, what do you do to get that creative mojo working for you?  Do you have some tips that you can share?

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Erin F.
Erin F.

Music is another way that I get my creativity mojo working, but it has to be a specific sort of music. If I'm writing, I prefer quieter music, such as jazz or soundtracks, or no music at all. If I'm drawing, I need something with a stronger beat, which usually means electronica or some sort of punk rock.


@Erin F. I LOVE that! I wish I had thought to include music because music plays a huge role in my life and in helping my creativity as well. Often the words in songs give me inspirations for my headlines or blog topics as well! I am SO glad that you stopped by, @Erin F. and shared that tip! Thank you!


@markwschaefer Mark, I always get something out of your blogs. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it!