Google+ Pages for Dentists is Simply AWESOME

Yes…that was AWESOME in caps!

I’ve been on Google+ pretty much from the beginning.  It took me awhile to figure out how to best utilize the “circles” and to extract  value from Google+.  For me, Google+ was a more “sophisticated”, if you will, social media platform.  I could keep my connections grouped according to the way that was best for me.  For example, since one of my passions is photography,  I have created circles that relate to various photography specialties.  The possibilities are just endless.

And then, in November, Google+ introduced Google+ Pages…a place to feature your business.  And, in my opinion, a perfect place to showcase your dental practice.  Here are some of my favorite reasons as to why dentists should have a Google+ Page.

  1. It’s GOOGLE for heaven’s sake.  The largest search engine in the world! If your business has a Google+ Page, the Google search engines are going to know and acknowledge that.
  2. You will be able to integrate your Google+ Page with Google Places so that, again, the strongest search engine in the world will be directing people to your “place” of business.
  3. You can link your website to your posts on Google+ Pages for increased visibility.  That means, each time you add content (posting on your blog, for instance) you can share that content on your Google+Page and link it to your website.
  4. Google+ Pages are clean, uncluttered and easy to navigate.
  5. With Google+ Pages, you can control who sees the things that you post.
  6. Google+ Pages showcase photos beautifully so if you have photos of your business that you want to share, Google+ Pages is the place to do it.
  7. It’s GOOGLE!!!

It’s super easy to create a Google+ Page for your business.  First you’ll have to create a personal Google+ profile.  You can do that by clicking here.  Once you are set up with your Google+ profile,  the ever-helpful Social Media Examiner has step by step easy instructions here to set up your Google+ Page for your business.  When you have got your Google+ Page up and running, trot on over to Google Places and make sure that your business profile is set up correctly and that you have “claimed” your business.  Now with Google+ Pages and Google Places synched up with the correct information about your oh-so-awesome dental business, you are way ahead of the crowd.

One last thing.  As I was catching up on blog reading today, I ran across this line that was so relevant to today’s post that it quickly became my favorite quote for the day.  I found it over at Gini’s place Spin Sucks where guest author Ken Mueller said, and I quote,

“While social media is not a cure-all, a strong social online presence (and this includes your website and blog) might be the most important thing in shaping your business for years to come.”

Moral of the story?

Get your dental practice a Google+ Page.  Start creating that strong social online presence.  Start thinking of your dental practice as a business…as a brand.  Promote it…make it stand out.  It’s your brand.  Make it work for you. Find out why Google+ Pages for dentists is simply AWESOME!

Are you using Google+ Pages for your business?  Are you finding value in Google+ Pages?


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Pediatric Dentist
Pediatric Dentist

Good thing you're motivating dentists out there to make there presence in the web. :) Social media will play a big part to make your brand stand out. Google + is one of the thing to take advantage, it would definitely attract more potential clients. 


Claudia, you are awesome. I have been with google+ from the very start but have not managed yet to put up a professional page yet. Some people still need some sleep ... You are absolutely right, I see all the opportunities and chances there.


My, you really are motivated to drive the dentists out aren't you?


Also, the Google trends help a lot in looking into the interests...