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Social Media DDS - Coaching dentists and dental professionals in the art of social media strategy

Visions of Social Media Dancing Through My Head

Doodle social media dreams and thoughts



Remember when you were a child and right about now, visions of sugar plums would be dancing through your sweet little heads?  

And then we became grown ups!

I don’t know about you, but the visions that are dancing through my head at any given moment of the day usually have something to do with my business and how I can make that vision sweeter.  Like sugar plums.

Visions of social media dance through MY head!

The challenge is how to make those visions as sweet as sugar plums.  Because social media CAN be fun!  AND effective.  AND easy!  Yes, you heard me….

Social media can be FUN, EFFECTIVE and EASY!

Let’s try an experiment!  This week, pick your favorite social media channel for your business.  Then create five posts that are relevant, fun and engaging.  Include a clever pic or video that will go with each post.  Then pick a time of day that works for you…for social media engagement, you might want to aim for early morning (7-9 AM) or mid afternoon (2-4 PM) and create reminders for yourself for each of these times/days.  (There are ways to schedule your posts ahead of time but, if you are not familiar with those techniques, for now, let’s do it this way).  Then, on each of the next five days, post one of the posts that you had created along with the photo, video or link.  You can ask friends and family to share the posts to give them some traction.  You may or may not get a lot of activity on your first posts but, the point of this exercise is to show you that with a little planning, creating and maintaining a social media presence for your brand/business can be fun and easy.  

Try posting five times a week for the next month and then re-evaluate your results.  Which posts got the most action? Which were not quite so compelling to your target audience?  Review and learn from your take-aways. AND, see if each week the posting got a bit easier!

Practice DOES make perfect!

If you need some social media encouragement, let me know.  It’s why I am here!  Simply email me at or fill in that little “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up on the lower right corner of your screen.

Let’s make your visions of social media sweet!



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The New Social Media is All About Visuals

modern city


If you have been using some of the popular social media channels as long as I have, you have seen an evolution as to how messages are conveyed.  Back in the day, posts to Facebook and Twitter were words.  That was it…just words.

Things have changed

When scrolling through the timelines of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even LinkedIn, you will see something interesting and compelling.  Almost every post is accompanied by a visual in the form of photos, website links and videos. From a user point of view, scrolling through all of the visuals can be addicting and useful.  From a business owner point of view, creating and sharing visuals will keep your target audience interested and more apt to stay for a longer period of time on your post or your Page.  

And, that’s what we want…TIME!

We want potential patients/clients/customers to take their time when hanging out at our social media sites.  Once we’ve got them interested, it is easier to keep them engaged. 

Videos and photos encourage engagement.

And, we want engagement, don’t we?  So, you know that camera that you have that sometimes acts as a phone? Put it to good social media use!  Start taking fun and funny pics of your business and brand.  Share the visual love on your social media channels.  And, if you haven’t got an Instagram account for your business yet, now’s the time to create an account and share those fun photos.  As with all things related to social media for your business, use good judgment  in the photos and videos that you share.  Keep the content relevant and authentic and include open ended questions to get the conversation going.  

If you aren’t sure how to get your business visually up to par, let me know.  I love the power of photos and videos.  Simply email me at or fill in the “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right corner of your screen.  

And get yourself seen!


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Be Wise During the Holidays

merry christmas happy holidays

The Holidays are fast upon us and with the joy that is associated with the season often comes stress from the pressure we put on ourselves.  Now more than ever, you want to be one of the Wise People in business when it comes to your digital journey.

Wise Rule #1

Create a reasonable schedule for posting for your business.   Look carefully at your overall schedule and create a social media schedule that is consistent and yet not overwhelming or demanding. 

Wise Rule #2

Keep your posts light and positive.  Remember how stressed YOU are feeling right now…well, you aren’t alone.  Share upbeat and uplifting posts to help keep the Holidays merry and bright.

Wise Rule #3

Pictures, videos, pictures, videos….am I making myself clear?  In social media, pictures and videos get the most response…and in the world of dentistry, where fear often prevails, pictures of your fabulous office and team really help to reassure people that you are the fun and compassionate office that you ARE!  

Wise Rule #4

Enjoy your digital adventure.  When it becomes a chore, it won’t be fun and there’s nothing worse that not loving what you are doing.  Share the love.  Let your team come up with fun and clever ideas and posts.  Delight in the engagement online.  Remember, at the end of the social media day, it’s all about engagement and word of mouth!

If you still aren’t sure about how to be a Wise Person in the digital world during the Holidays, let me know.  I would love to help you!  Simply email me at or fill in that little “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right corner of your screen.

Let me help you make your social media experience merry and bright!

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What’s the Buzz: Tell Me What’s Happening

Create buzz. Keyboard


At the risk of revealing my age, there was a great song from the hit musical Jesus Christ Superstar back in the 70’s called “What’s the Buzz: Tell Me What’s Happening”.  You can listen to a part of it here.

In social media, it’s all about the “buzz”.

It is, in fact, the buzz that tells us “what’s happening” with your brand, with your business.  The buzz gets its fuel from good content.  When you share that content across your social media channels of choice, you start the low thrum of the buzz.  As the content gets picked up and shared, the buzz gets louder.  People start asking, what’s the buzz….tell me what’s happening.  

People are drawn to the buzz.

Create buzz and they will come.  But, the buzz MUST be created.  Shared content doesn’t just magically appear.  You need to create the content on a consistent basis so that the potential for buzz can occur.  A quick article on your website.  A few posts to your Facebook Page.  A share or three on Google+.  Keep the content rich, keep the content fresh and keep the content consistent.  And before you know it people will be asking…

What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s happening!

If you need help getting started with your buzz, let me know.  It’s what I love to do.  Email me at or fill in the little “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right corner of your screen.


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Why I Love Social Media

image (13)


There are many reasons that I love social media.  If you follow Social Media DDS at all, you know just how passionate I am about social media and what it can do for your business and brand.


But my favorite reason for loving social media is that social media is all about connections.  I have made so many wonderful and life changing connections through social media…some that have crossed over into my “real life” world.  One of the most satisfying aspects of Social Media DDS is the many opportunities that I have to speak to groups (usually dentists) about the potential of social media.  Just having the chance to meet interested and like-minded people, exchanging ideas and communicating about a topic that I believe so strongly in is reason enough to love social media in my opinion.  

What I love to do…

Last week, I had the honor of speaking to the Waukesha County Dental Society on social media.  My topic, Let’s Get Social, introduces people to the best way to get a social media presence started.  The event was held at the very awesome Delafield Brewhaus, a great venue for pretty much any occasion!  The enthusiasm, warmth and interest from the attendees was heartwarming.  

Any time that I can meet with people to, at the very least, get them more curious about the possibilities social media offers their brand and business is a happy day for me.  The more often that people get exposed to and less fearful of social media, the better.  Because, as I say at everyone of my seminars…

Social media is here to stay!

If you have an event that you would like me to speak at on the steps to take to make your foray into social media fun and successful, let me know.  Sharing the social media love is what I do!  Simply email me at or fill out the “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right corner of your screen. 

I love social media…and you can too!



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Office Selfies: Sharing the Social Media Love

SocialMediaDDS Andrea the Good Witch


Selfies are all the rage in social media now.  And many business owners are missing a great opportunity to engage with their clients/patients/customers if they are not sharing


As business owners, we take a lot of things for granted.  We either think that 

  1. People aren’t interested in what goes on in our business OR
  2. People already KNOW what is going on in our business

Assumptions 1 and 2 are incorrect!

People ARE interested in what goes on in our business.  They are especially interested in what makes us tick, what makes us real and what makes us approachable and feel like one of them.  People DO NOT already know what is going on in our business unless they can read our minds.  We need to share and engage with our clients/patients/customers and let them know what IS going on in our world.  If we don’t do that, they lose interest.  Or worse yet, they find another business that DOES share, engage and communicate.

One of the easiest and most fun ways to share the behind the scenes peeks at your office is with Office Selfies!  I’m betting that you or someone on your team has a smart phone with a camera.  And I’m also betting that there are a lot of funny, goofy and share-able activities that go on in your office that your clients/patients/customers never know about.  Without ever violating privacy issues, wouldn’t it be great to let them in on the fun?

Take that camera and snap off a few silly moments that the team is enjoying and post them to your Facebook or Twitter accounts and let the fun begin.  The Amazing Andrea of my office allowed me to share theAndrea the Good Witchpic on Facebook as well as here on Social Media DDS to encourage others to join in the Office Selfie fun! 

If you’re camera shy and need some selfie self confidence, let me know!  I am all about helping you get your selfie on!  Simply email me at or fill in that little “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right corner of your screen.





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Once is Never Enough: Social Media Scheduling

I Want More Concept


I am always trying to help you to keep it simple when it comes to the social media presence of your business.  The problem with stressing simplicity is that the temptation is to take the concept too literally.  When I encourage you to follow the KISS principle I don’t mean for you to confuse KISS with the “once and done” principle.  When it comes to your social media marketing strategy…

Once is never enough

Inherent in a successful marketing strategy that employs social media is the understanding that engagement across your chosen social media channels needs to be consistent, regular and relevant.  Social media is not, as many hope, a magical panacea for your brand’s visibility. You brand will become more visible relative to the amount of consistent and authentic content you share.  Without beating a dead horse to death, this is that dreaded “engagement” that I harp about endlessly.  The trick is to…

Find the fun in your social media experience.

Don’t look so shocked.  With a little bit of organization and planning, social media is actually a lot of fun.  You are engaging with new and interesting people all while promoting the awesomeness of your brand.  In my opinion that is a major


Scheduling your social media life is the key to avoiding the “once is enough” temptation.  When you begin your social media adventure, I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to create a schedule for posting, sharing and engaging and then, stick to it.  With a schedule you are committed to, the rest becomes easy.  You will find yourself in the voice of your brand developing relationships with like minded people in the digital world and, perhaps even potential new clients.  This cannot be achieved if you only post once or only once in awhile.

Once is never enough…your brand deserves more!

If you need some more tips as to why once is never enough, send me an email to or fill in that “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right corner of your screen.  

I’m here for you!



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I Am, I Can

i can


There’s a daycare center that I pass everyday on my way into work.  From the outside,  it looks like every other day care center I’ve seen.  Except for the name. The sign outside the center proudly announces the business name…


It may sound a bit hokey in this world of “we are all winners” to name a daycare center I Am I Can but, to me the message is one that we can/should take into our everyday life as adults.  And most especially into our professional world. 

Everyday I work with businesses who are wanting to incorporate social media into their marketing strategy.  Everyday these business owners and office managers present cautiously optimistic approaches to the coaching they receive.  Their caution lives in a place within that tells them “They Aren’t They Can’t”  So much of my time with clients is reassuring them that “I Am, I Can” is the mantra for them to remember and repeat to themselves as the face hiccups and challenges in their social media marketing endeavors.  Reminding them to say “I Am”…I AM able to take on new challenges.  I AM excited about this new journey in social media marketing. I AM resilient and forward thinking.  And, to that end, to say “I Can”…I CAN learn a new method of promoting my brand/business.  I CAN figure out the social media channels and their nuances.  I CAN engage as the voice of my brand/business.  

Often I find that the coaching of techniques and strategy is the easy part.  It’s the encouragement and reassuring that “I Am, I Can” is not a pipe dream but, in fact, exactly what got them to where they are in the first place.  Believing in oneself, in one’s brand/business is so much a part of the recipe to success.

If you are struggling with believing “I Am, I Can”, let me know.  I love helping people re-discover the belief in themselves that lives within.  Send me an email at or simply fill out the “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right part of your screen.

You ARE…You CAN!



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Here’s to the Power of Email

Email in the inbox

Are you keeping current with the email information of your patients or customers?  If so, are you making use of your email list effectively enough?  

In the hurry-up, get-on-board world of social media, we often forget one of the best forms of engaging with our customers.  


“Well we use email to remind our patients about their appointments” you may say to me and to that I say “Awesome!”  But that is really the tip of the email possibilities iceberg.  Here are some of the things you can share with your email audience. 

  • RSS Feed:  First and foremost, your email contact list should be (with your recipients permission) imported to an email client that sends out any new content on your website via RSS (Rich Site Summary).  In other words, if you are writing articles (posts) regularly for your website (you ARE aren’t you?) RSS is a format for sending out regularly changing content.  
  • Promotions: Create oh-so-clever promotions periodically that will grab your email recipients attention.  With email marketing solutions like MailChimp, you can create very attractive promotional material, send them out and monitor the analytics of your responses.  Very helpful in determining what works and what does not.  
  • Changes:  Use your email list to notify your valuable contacts about exciting changes that are happening in your office.  New staff, new techniques or new hours.  Keep them informed and involved.  
  • Surveys: If you want to take the pulse of your audience, there is really no easier or better way than creating a survey.  Using a tool like Survey Monkey makes it as easy as pie and it helps you to find out what your audience wants, needs and likes.

There are so many uses for email to strengthen the engagement and communication with your patients or customers.  These were just a few examples.  Get creative.  Keep them aware of your awesomeness.  Let them know that…

You’ve Got Mail!

If you need some help with how to best utilize your email list, let me know.  It’s what I love to do!  Simply email me at or fill in that “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right corner of your screen.  

Let’s connect!



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Rewarding Loyalty with Good Content

Multi Ethnic People Holding The Word Loyalty


As small businesses, we try to find the best way to market our brand/business.  We may be utilizing the power of social media as part of our marketing strategy and putting time and effort into growing our online presence in the hopes of increasing traffic through our doors.  And that is great! It’s what Social Media DDS is passionate about.  Social media presents so many opportunities for growth and engagement.  But, sometimes, in our desire to grow our business and focus our energies into the various social media channels, we forget to acknowledge some of the most important people in our business life…our loyal customers/patients/clients.

And loyalty should be rewarded.

We talk about how the most reliable form of marketing is word of mouth and yet we tend to overlook the people who have helped to make our brand/business the success it is.  Our loyal fans can be the most powerful source of word of mouth marketing for your brand/business.  They are some of your best brand evangelists.  And because of that, we need to reward their loyalty.  Let them know we appreciate them.

We need to let our loyal fan base know that we are thinking of them.

How can we do that?  By sharing great content.  And the easiest way to do that is by sending informational, relevant and even fun newsletters.  My current favorite (and easiest) application for sending out newsletters (and so much more) to our loyal patient base is RevenueWell.  With RevenueWell, we can stay top of mind and reward the loyalty of our patients with great content both fun and relevant.  

And when people feel appreciated, they are more inclined to spread the love.

If you need some coaching on how to reward loyalty with content, let me know.  That’s what I am here for!  Just send me an email to or fill in that little “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right hand corner of your screen and we can connect. 

Rewarding loyalty is a good thing!




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