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Coaching dentists and dental professionals in the art of social media strategy

Social Media DDS - Coaching dentists and dental professionals in the art of social media strategy

Social Media and National Dog Biscuit Day

dog waiting for reward



Did you know that today is National Dog Biscuit Day?  It is!  At least according to the website National Day Calendar.

What does National Dog Biscuit Day have to do with social media you ask?

Everything actually.  The fact that this website is entirely reliant upon social media awareness, shares and posts is an intriguing concept.  The site has no product to sell.  There is no brick and mortar version of National Day Calendar and yet…the word of mouth that social media IS keeps this website thriving and going.  A testimony to the power of social media to be sure.

But there’s more!

Sites like National Day Calendar offer you a gift!  They offer you the opportunity to post, share and engage in a completely whimsical way.  When I tell you to post to your social media channels on a regular and consistent basis, I realize that sometimes the creativity well runs dry…mine runs dry quite often. National Day Calendar and similar websites offer you a reprieve without missing a best. 

If you want some coaching in how you can mix it up with your social media posting, I’m here for you.  Simply email me at or fill in the little “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right hand corner of your screen! Oh, and by the way, in case you are interested…

Tomorrow is National Tortilla Chip Day


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Fifty Shades of Grey- A Dentist Social Media Love Story

Dating! - Stift Konzept

Our relationship actually began in 2009.  I was unsure and lacked confidence at first.  Furtive and longing glances were all I allowed myself.  And then…

I took the plunge.

Carefully at first, slowly and with trepidation I began my journey into social media.  I was a novice, naive and trusting.  I found myself looking to those that were more experienced than I in the murky waters of social media.  There was so much ambiguity and yet….it seemed so clear. 

Fifty shades of grey…a dentist social media love story.

Twitter was my first experience.  Fast and robust, it shared my business love like nothing I had known before.  I met people far more experienced than I who took my virtual hand and showed me how to explore all aspects of Twitter for my business. 

Facebook lured me with her user friendly interface.

I had a Facebook account for friends and family filled with status updates that were bland and uninteresting. Until I created my first Facebook Page.  Then, life as I knew it changed.  I was bolder, braver and, yes,  I was falling in love. 

The social media love story.

Through social media, my business made connections that allowed it to grow and blossom.  Where the business was once invisible, it was now visible to all and gaining credibility and awareness.  People stopped me on the street, recognizing my avatar and my brand.  I couldn’t get enough.  I started relationships with Google+ and Instagram.  I shared my photos and my story.

This was an affair of the heart.

If you want to take the plunge with social media, let me know.  These are the kinds of affairs of the heart that move me.  Send me an email or fill in the “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right hand corner of your screen.  I want to help you create your very own social media love story.

This is just the beginning.




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Shake It Off…Social Media Malaise

dog in action to shake the water off after a bath-play


Somewhere between “Let It Go” and “Shake It Off” lies a whole lotta truth.  Whether it be your personal life or your business life, letting it go and shaking it off are often the best way to handle stressful situations.

Conversely, these pseudo philosophies can be applied to our own occasional general apathy and malaise.  Such is the case when we want our brand and businesses to grow but we can’t muster up enough energy to pull ourselves out of that social media malaise.

Shake it off…

Easier said than done sometimes, I know.  But, as with life, shaking off the malaise that stops us is imperative as we move forward.  Plates that are full, drama in the office and life as we know it can really stop us in our quest to improve our brand’s social media presence.  The best solution, in my opinion, is to take a step back, breathe, reset and move forward…more slowly this time.  In my experience it is usually the “too much too quickly” that scares/stops us in our journey.

Let it go…

Focus.  Stop listening to that voice that tells you “I can’t”.  Stop listening to the kind “words of advice” from well meaning friends.  Set your goals and make them achievable and then…move forward.

Malaise is just another excuse…

Don’t succumb to the easy excuses.  You can do this.  You can make your brand/business even more awesome with some social media love.  So…shake it off….let it go…do whatever it takes to keep you and your brand true to your vision.

To help you in your “Shake It Off” quest, here is a fun video done by some of my favorite people…. the Marquette University School of Dentistry ASDA (American Student Dental Association) members….SO awesome…I get moving every time I watch this video!





If you need any help at all to shake it off or let it go, I’m here for you.  Email me at or fill in the little “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

Let’s connect….that’s what people say…mmm hmmm….



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What Should I Do Next? Social Media Dilemma

What is Next Black Marker


Last week I wrote about how awesome it is that dentists are finally truly embracing social media and are dipping their proverbial toes into the social media stream.  One small step for social media….

One giant step for dentistry….

Your website is up and running.  You’ve made sure that you can control the content on your site and you’ve even committed to writing a blog once every other week.  You even started a Facebook Page and you post on it once a week.

Now what?

Take that confidence you’ve attained in social media and let’s kick it up a notch.  Get your brand/business on Twitter and Google+.  Let’s pump up the engagement across your social media channels so that you get more visibility and more people become aware of your awesomeness.  And always remember….

Social Media is nothing without engagement

One of my personal pet peeves is a social media presence with little to no engagement so that all the brand does is promote itself.  Don’t let social media become just a billboard for your promotions. Interact with your followers.  Keep it light and real.  Respond to mentions with gratitude and sincerity.  The more you engage as a real person, the more credibility you attain.  

If you need some guidance as you increase your social media engagement, let me know.  I love to work with people who are loving social media.  Simply email me or fill in that “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right hand corner of your screen. 

Let’s make social media magic happen!


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Dentists Using Social Media

Social media


Finally, it’s beginning to happen with more regularity.  Dentist are using social media more often and more consistently.

And I couldn’t be happier!

You know how I know that more and more dentists are using social media? From the questions that I get asked when I speak at dental groups on “Let’s Get Social”.  The dental groups that I spoke to a few years ago were largely unfamiliar with most aspects of social media.  AND the general feeling was that social media was just a fad.

Not anymore!

When I speak to dental groups now, the questions are completely different.  They are questions that speak to knowledge about the subject but they are seeking “fine tuning”.  Most dental groups that I speak to now have about 60-75% of the participants having a website and participating in at least one social media platform, if only occasionally.  The questions now mostly revolve around time management issues, starting a blog and organizational tools to make posting easier.

I am so proud of my colleagues!

If nothing else, I think the dental industry not only accepts that social media marketing is not just a fad, they are actually embracing social media!  I love speaking to groups about social media now more than ever.  My audience is more social media savvy and they are interested in what they can do to make their social media presence more robust.  I am no longer fighting to make the point that social media works.  I am now collaborating with my colleagues to make their experience more positive.

And I love it!

If you need some social media tweaking, let me know…it’s what I love to do.  Simply email me or fill out that “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up on the lower right hand corner of your screen.

Social media rocks!


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Smelling Like a Rose – Using an Email Scheduler

Red rose on white

I see rants every day on Facebook or Twitter.  I’m sure you do too.  Most often, I ignore them.  I chalk them up to the rant-er having a bad day and needs to let off some steam. But occasionally, the rant hits home.

This rant made me think.

Emails are such an important way to communicate with our customers, clients, vendors, friends and family.  We’d be lost without it.  We check our emails during the day.  We check our emails when we get home.  We check our emails before turning in for the night.  We check our emails when we wake up.  Sometimes we check our emails when we can’t sleep in the middle of the night.  We check our emails because we CAN.  And that has become a problem.

What if we need to take a break?

The rant that made me think was from a woman in social media that I have a great deal of respect for.  She is one of the hardest working women that I know.  She has a great following and it’s because she is always there for her audience…she knows the power of engagement and she uses it to the benefit of her brand and her audience.  She finally had a chance to take a much needed and well deserved vacation so she set her email to auto respond that she was out of town and, well, you can probably guess what happened.

People continued to email her anyway!

So, here’s the thing.  As a serial email-er, I know that it sometimes happens that my best and most creative emails come to me on Sundays or holidays or the middle of the night.  I don’t want to lose my mojo so I write those emails.  I let the magic happen.  BUT….

I don’t send emails when it is not the right time.

I SCHEDULE my emails.  There are some fantastic third party apps for Gmail users like me that allow you to schedule your emails so that you can write your little heart out at 3AM and make it look like you sent the brilliance at 9AM.  Two of the most popular apps that allow this automagic brilliance are Streak (my fave) and Boomerang.  Not only can I schedule the sending of my emails, with Streak I can “snooze” emails that are sent to me to re-arrive in my inbox at a better ore more appropriate time for me to read.  AND, my favorite aspect of Streak is that I can see if my emails have been read!  How awesome is THAT!?!

Smelling like a rose!

With email schedulers, you demonstrate respect for your email recipients.  If you’ve been notified that Jane Smith is on vacation until next week, schedule that email to arrive next week.  If you are getting all of your emails done in one sitting on Sunday morning at 6 AM, you might want to make it look like they were written on Monday morning at 9 and have them scheduled accordingly.  

If you have any questions about scheduling emails and the apps that make that happen, email me (anytime!!)  at or fill in that “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right hand corner of your screen.




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How to Make 2015 a Truly Rewarding Year

Digital man - Network concept


It would be easy for me to write a “first post of the New Year” about what I am going to do to help each of you on your social media journey for your brands and businesses.  But facing the clean and compelling slate of a New Year shouldn’t be about platitudes and promises.  It should be about so much more, but, I am ill equipped as a blog writer to express to you what starting out a New Year should really entail.  

Never fear!

I am blessed with many online friendships via social media that have blossomed and grown over the years.  I am forever grateful for these people because they enrich my life and teach me patience, wisdom and tolerance.  One such person is the very creative and talented author, Judy Lee Dunn.  Judy was able to eloquently put into words 52 acts of compassion, one for each week of the year, that we may want to try instead of setting unreasonable or unattainable “resolutions”for 2015. 

The results?

A kinder and happier you…and a kinder and happier world.  For me, it’s a no brainer.  Please take a few minutes and stop by Judy’s place.  See if you don’t feel inspired by her suggestions of acts of compassion for the New Year instead of resolutions that we fail to keep.  You can also follow Judy on Twitter…you won’t regret it!

May happiness and love fill the New Year!

Let me know any suggestions that you may have for topics that you would like to see me cover in 2015.  Simply email me at or fill in the “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right corner of your screen. 


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Waxing Philosophical for the Holidays

Handwritten Christmas star card Word Cloud design


Each week I try to come up with articles that I think will be relevant and helpful to anyone who is considering using or just starting out with social media as part of their marketing strategy.  Sometimes my muse is working right there with me and sometimes I have to coax her out of hiding.  Through it all though, I love sharing about something that I am passionate about…social media. 

Today, however, I am waxing philosophical for awhile.

Every day, I realize how lucky I am to love what I do so very much.  I love that I get to meet people who are passionate about their businesses and brands.  I love that I get to coach business owners about something I believe in from the bottom of my business owner heart…social media.  I love that I have met so many brilliant social media experts and gurus…people who remind me that I am on a journey of learning, always!  I love that I have a family that understands and embraces my passion(s) and gives me wide berth to pursue what interests me in life.  

I am grateful for you!

For, at the end of the day, it is because of you that I am here.  Your desire to learn and my love of teaching makes us a perfect match. And what a gift you are to me. 

Thank you!

I wish you and your love circle a Holiday filled with joy and good feelings.  I will return with more fun and informative posts in the New Year!  Meanwhile, relax, rejuvenate and rejoice!  

If you have any questions regarding social media, please feel free to email me at or fill out that little “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right hand corner of your screen!  

Happy Holidays!

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Visions of Social Media Dancing Through My Head

Doodle social media dreams and thoughts



Remember when you were a child and right about now, visions of sugar plums would be dancing through your sweet little heads?  

And then we became grown ups!

I don’t know about you, but the visions that are dancing through my head at any given moment of the day usually have something to do with my business and how I can make that vision sweeter.  Like sugar plums.

Visions of social media dance through MY head!

The challenge is how to make those visions as sweet as sugar plums.  Because social media CAN be fun!  AND effective.  AND easy!  Yes, you heard me….

Social media can be FUN, EFFECTIVE and EASY!

Let’s try an experiment!  This week, pick your favorite social media channel for your business.  Then create five posts that are relevant, fun and engaging.  Include a clever pic or video that will go with each post.  Then pick a time of day that works for you…for social media engagement, you might want to aim for early morning (7-9 AM) or mid afternoon (2-4 PM) and create reminders for yourself for each of these times/days.  (There are ways to schedule your posts ahead of time but, if you are not familiar with those techniques, for now, let’s do it this way).  Then, on each of the next five days, post one of the posts that you had created along with the photo, video or link.  You can ask friends and family to share the posts to give them some traction.  You may or may not get a lot of activity on your first posts but, the point of this exercise is to show you that with a little planning, creating and maintaining a social media presence for your brand/business can be fun and easy.  

Try posting five times a week for the next month and then re-evaluate your results.  Which posts got the most action? Which were not quite so compelling to your target audience?  Review and learn from your take-aways. AND, see if each week the posting got a bit easier!

Practice DOES make perfect!

If you need some social media encouragement, let me know.  It’s why I am here!  Simply email me at or fill in that little “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up on the lower right corner of your screen.

Let’s make your visions of social media sweet!



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The New Social Media is All About Visuals

modern city


If you have been using some of the popular social media channels as long as I have, you have seen an evolution as to how messages are conveyed.  Back in the day, posts to Facebook and Twitter were words.  That was it…just words.

Things have changed

When scrolling through the timelines of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even LinkedIn, you will see something interesting and compelling.  Almost every post is accompanied by a visual in the form of photos, website links and videos. From a user point of view, scrolling through all of the visuals can be addicting and useful.  From a business owner point of view, creating and sharing visuals will keep your target audience interested and more apt to stay for a longer period of time on your post or your Page.  

And, that’s what we want…TIME!

We want potential patients/clients/customers to take their time when hanging out at our social media sites.  Once we’ve got them interested, it is easier to keep them engaged. 

Videos and photos encourage engagement.

And, we want engagement, don’t we?  So, you know that camera that you have that sometimes acts as a phone? Put it to good social media use!  Start taking fun and funny pics of your business and brand.  Share the visual love on your social media channels.  And, if you haven’t got an Instagram account for your business yet, now’s the time to create an account and share those fun photos.  As with all things related to social media for your business, use good judgment  in the photos and videos that you share.  Keep the content relevant and authentic and include open ended questions to get the conversation going.  

If you aren’t sure how to get your business visually up to par, let me know.  I love the power of photos and videos.  Simply email me at or fill in the “Let’s Talk” box that has popped up in the lower right corner of your screen.  

And get yourself seen!


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